Fees for psychological services may attract a rebate from Medicare. To qualify for the Medicare rebate, a Mental Health Care Plan is required from a General Practitioner or Psychiatrist. Mental Health Care Plans are valid from the day of the referral. Part of the fees may be covered by Private Health Insurance. Please check with your Health Insurer for eligibility.

While Sydney Phobia Clinic charges less than the Australian Psychological Society's recommended rate of $238 per hour, some extras do apply. 

Our fees are as follows:
  Psychology services: $220 per hour
  Virtual Reality Exposure: $115 per session
  In-Situ Exposure: $115 per session

A typical 5-session course includes 6.5 hours of psychology ($1,430), and two sessions of either Virtual Reality or In-Situ Exposure ($230), for a total of $1,660. Medicare rebates range from $424 - $622.50.

Any Questions?

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