Public Speaking

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Do you struggle speaking in front of groups of people? Do you find it too stressful to meet new people or clients?

Luckily, whether your difficulties are mild or severe, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help us reengage with these situations and improve our performance with specific skills and strategies to cope with the anxiety.

Programme structure

Pre-programme assessment: Phone or Skype assessment with a clinical psychologist.

Session 1: Psychoeducation, physical management strategies

Session 2: Review, cognitive therapy strategies

Session 3: Behavioural strategies and hierarchy development

Session 4: Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Session 5: In-session exposure and skills practice

Post-programme assessment: Check-in, follow up, questionnaires


Sydney Phobia Clinic also runs three-hour workshops for teams on how to beat anxiety and speak better in front of others. We are the only public speaking class focusing on managing anxiety with cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

Our unique insights into anxiety process comes from years of experience in treating specific phobias and other severe anxiety disorders.

Delivered by psychologists with years of experience in treating severe anxiety disorders. The class teaches core skills and knowledge from used in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the gold standard treatment for stress and anxiety.

CBT skills are not just for people suffering from disorders – they are life skills that anyone can use to improve how they cope with stress and anxiety.

Contact us now for pricing for the 3-hour workshop for your team!


Face-to-face instruction from an experienced psychologist, manuals, worksheets, and Virtual Reality experiences to practise your new skills.

Classes run with 3-6 individuals

Get targeted help for your anxiety - email us at or call (02) 8540 8739 to speak to one of our experienced psychologists today.


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What is anxiety and why can it be helpful?

Physical management strategies
How to do we best manage the feelings of anxiety in the moment?

Cognitive management strategies
What are we worried will happen, and how do we tackle those worries?

Behavioural management strategies
Which behaviours are helpful, and which keep the cycle of anxiety going? How do we break negative behaviours and reinforce positive ones?

Developing an anxiety hierarchy
Setting up a practical plan to keep improving our skills through regular practice for long-term gains.

Virtual Reality practice session
Finally, we can put all these skills and learning to good use by practicing it in the safety of Virtual Reality. 


A key component to overcoming anxiety is practice. Virtual Reality (VR) allows us access to situations that we can use to practise our skills, regardless of where we are, or what the situation calls for. In addition, we can use VR as an intermediary step to slowly build up to the real thing, in complete safety.



Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a potent therapy used by psychologists around the world to treat anxiety. Many people find the explanations of how anxiety works and why it can be useful to be extremely helpful in itself. In addition, CBT teaches many practical skills to help us manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. As with any skill, they require regular practice for maximum benefit. You will be getting plenty of practice under your belt by the end of the 3-hour class.

✓ Developed and delivered by psychologists
✓ Evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
✓ Practical skills you can use in the moment
✓ Resources to help you in the moment
✓ Practice your new skills in the safety of Virtual Reality
✓ Solo or group appointments available
✓ VR booster sessions available on request